Tuesday 6 October 2015

Wealth and success is not only a journey but also a trial ...

Coming from an Indian background,it is very common to hear that success and money has changed someone . We are so rooted and hold onto our traditions and culture so tightly that at times we don't realise that individuals change . I am all for the values and morals that were taught to us by our elders and modesty has always been on of my favorites. A humble person is not just a gem its also a surprise since not many are able to stay humble once a little bit of success has been tasted. We are of course very angry and disappointed with the "show offs" in the family or in the social circle . " Just look what money does to you hey " ." She is qualified now so she has no time for anyone anymore "or the famous and my personal favourite ,"she married rich so her nose is in the air now "

While this evokes anger in most ,i find myself feeling very sorry for the person in question since i know that their reason for being this way stems from a very tiring journey to become successful and the saddest part is they  have no idea that they have changed .Its sort of human nature to always "feel" humble .We all feel like we are down to earth  simply because we have been most of our lives .We surround ourselves with people whom have been a part of our struggle and who are equally happy to have come full circle so no one realises these things. It is because of this that many wise people have stated that you should spend time with people from all walks of life. The driven ambitious people so that you are constantly motivated,the pious and clean hearted individuals who always remind you to do right and be treated right and probably the most important these days ....those that are less fortunate than you are . Spending a day with a person who is unlike you can change your entire perspective on the way you have been leading your life.

Its extremely difficult to tell someone when they have changed because they will most likely not be able to see it at that time . You have a huge chance of being severely misunderstood. I believe a  better approach would be to not lose all faith in anyone and realise that we all at times abandon our humble roots for various reasons .I know i have often surprised myself by making certain comments that did not sound like my usual grounded self. I did not plan to say it , it just happened usually out of frustration or the obstacles i had to take to get here .

This post is in no way justifying egotistical behaviour ,it is simply bringing to your attention that we all have the ability to sound that way at times.It is a difficult struggle to remain grounded therefore we should cherish those that remind us to remember where it all began . We are human and we fail and try on  daily basis . Lets make this a trial as well....... a trial that we pass by constantly reminding ourselves to keep humble and in turn help others to stay that way too.

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